Buy A Heavier Sweater: Spire Spikes Kansas City Heating Costs

Prog-blogs bring bad news of winter coming soon.

Here's a peek at what it'll cost locals around the metro . . .

"In Spire’s western territory, including Kansas City and almost 30 counties, customers’ bills will climb 41.54%, which averages to $24.36 per month. In St. Louis and surrounding areas, the hike will be 22.5%, an average of $14.52. Spire filed with regulators to spread those costs out over three years to avoid even higher price hikes."

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Bills for Spire customers in Kansas City spike 40%, St. Louis 25% * Missouri Independent

Spire Missouri customers will see big hikes in their natural gas bills this winter, with residents in the Kansas City area hit the hardest, as the energy market continues to struggle following February's deep freeze . The utility, which serves nearly 1.2 million customers around Missouri, says natural gas prices are up almost 60% compared to last year.