Brittany Matthews Trolls Critics

It's unclear if gloating online benefits the Kansas City Chiefs but the perennial cowtown homecoming queen and unofficial head cheerleader has earned a nationwide reputation for talking smack online.

Her latest clap back takes aim at early season doubters and seems to express a great deal of confidence going into a tough playoff season . . .

"Playoffs here they come & if you doubted that, please watch the film & to all a goodnight," she wrote.

The Chiefs appeared to have dismissed all critics with their recent winning streak. Since going 3-4 in their first seven games, the Chiefs are on an eight-game winning streak with two more games left in the season. Kansas City appears to be getting hot at the right time.

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Patrick Mahomes' fiancé sends message to doubters as Chiefs clinch AFC West

Brittany Matthews had a message for those who doubted the Kansas City Chiefs early in the season after their win over the Pittsburgh Steelers clinched the AFC West title and a playoff spot on Sunday. Patrick Mahomes ' fiancé stuck it to the critics in a tweet Sunday night.