Boring Prez Biden Visit To Kansas City Hypes Inflation Plan

I'm sorry . . . This visit was possibly one of the most BORING Presidential tours to this cowtown in more than a generation. 

At least Prez Obama had the decency to visit a few local places outside that real people inhabit.  To be fair, Prez Biden's team did send for Gates BBQ takeout.

The plans "revealed" are all pie in the sky garbage that focus on RAIL TRANSIT and electric toys for rich people along with a few token hand-me-downs for the desperately impoverished. 

For those of you without a memory, let's not forget that former Prez Obama also promised green bus transit when he was in Kansas City and that idea COMPLETELY FLOPPED and left more than few bankrupt companies owing MILLIONS upon their demise

But on the topic of new train tracks . . .

We share an honest question:


There's a reason there's only one lonely Amtrak assigned to that route

This is urban planning for people so disconnected with reality and the voting public that they're starting to believe their own propaganda -- A dangerous proposition that usually happens to formerly great boxers right before they're knocked out.

To be fair, the upside of today's coverage is that The Kansas City Star must've filed more than two dozen stories on the President's visit that were mostly untouched by the plebs. 

A quick check reveals that most local "news" didn't even mention the word or concept of INFLATION in relation to all of these grand schemes and that means that most of their content isn't really journalism (lulz) it's more akin to public relations at best and/or the mad ravings of a publicity agent in most cases. 

Accordingly . . .

We'll dump all of the local "news" about Prez Biden in this post with a caveat . . . TODAY'S FAR TOO KIND KANSAS CITY VISIT COVERAGE IS WHAT STATE-RUN MEDIA LOOKS LIKE and it's why a growing number of adults don't trust the news, stopped believing in Democracy and would rather play video games.

Check the collection . . .

'No more talking - action': Biden addresses Kansas City infrastructure, new bill in speech

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - President Joe Biden gave a speech on the changes his new infrastructure bill will bring to the country Wednesday at the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. The president outlined his "Building a Better America" campaign, and remarked on the current state of infrastructure in Kansas City.

Supporters, protesters turn out to see president

A number of people gathered at 18th and Paseo during the president's visit today, blocks from where he spoke.

President Biden praises Kansas City's free electric buses as the future of infrastructure

President Joe Biden laid out a sweeping plan for the future of American infrastructure against the backdrop of the Kansas City Area Transit Authority during a visit to the city on Wednesday. "We've always been a nation of possibilities," he told a small crowd inside the Kansas City Area Transit Authority bus barn, explaining in broad strokes how the $1 trillion infrastructure plan could be implemented.

President Biden talks up infrastructure plan during stop in Kansas City

The president delivered a two-pronged speech in Kansas City. He talked up the infrastructure bill, often citing local examples of how it would help, and he pushed his Building A Better America plan.President Joe Biden spoke at the metro bus service's main garage, which is often called the ATA barn.In the back, there were three electric buses of the ATA's fleet.

Biden using Kansas City visit to rebrand infrastructure deal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - President Joe Biden is rebranding his bipartisan infrastructure package with the slogan "Building a Better America." The White House unveiled the new slogan as Biden headed to Kansas City, Missouri, to promote the $1 trillion infrastructure deal. It's Biden's first visit to the state as president.

President Biden honors Sen. Bob Dole during trip to Kansas City

Look before I began, I'd like to say a word about a friend of mine. We lost this weekend, Man, if you. Hours west of Russell Kansas came from our, not far from here Russell Kansas. A lot of americans today remember bob dole is a presidential candidate, but for families he represented across the border.

President Biden pays tribute to Buck O'Neil, Bob Dole in Kansas City speech

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Before he got into the topic of infrastructure during his visit to Kansas City, Missouri, on Wednesday, President Joe Biden took the time to pay tribute to former Sen. Bob Dole and Buck O'Neil. Dole, on Sunday morning, was a longtime friend of Biden's during his time in Congress.

Here's how billions of infrastructure dollars will be spent in four Midwest states

Taking the podium at the Kansas City Area Transport Authority on Wednesday, President Joe Biden touted the passage of his infrastructure bill, as part of a tour promoting one of his administration's top goals. The package of infrastructure priorities comes with a price tag of $1.3 trillion, and is designed to focus on a series of long-term projects for the nation.

'Americans always rebuild': Biden Promotes Infrastructure Investments in Kansas City Speech

President Joe Biden on Wednesday visited the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority to tout the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill he signed into law last month, expected to bring billions in spending on roads and bridges, clean water, public transportation, high speed internet and more to Kansas and Missouri.

I-Team: Fact checking President Biden's Kansas City speech

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - President Joe Biden arrived in Kansas City, Missouri, Wednesday afternoon to discuss his $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. The president's speech addressed roads, bridges, clean water and internet access to students across America. The KSHB I-Team fact checked portions of Biden's speech.

Air Force One departs Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Air Force One took off from Kansas City International Airport about 4:40 p.m. Wednesday, taking President Joe Biden back to Washington, D.C.

You decide . . .