2021: The Year COVID Killed Kansas City Corporate Hype

More than anything, this year there wasn't much confidence in the power of local biz to boost the fortunes of the plebs.

A quick review . . .

The most devastating blow to so much propaganda for so-called "downtown momentum" was Waddell & Reed backing out of plans for a downtown KCMO HQ. 

The project still sits empty despite so many worthless "commitments" from builders.

There was supposed to be "return" to the office but we notice quite a few people are still pretending to work and calling it telecommuting or virtual conferencing. 

The newspaper is "working from home" but stubbornly refuses to call that ancient practice what it is: BLOGGING.

And of course the year finished with Cerner selling out their employees to Oracle . . . A deal that will result in MASSIVE LAYOFFS despite assurances from Mayor Q and his team.

However . . . 

What's more concerning is the downwind impact . . . It seems that all of this local biz devastation has resulted in harsh times for small time operators who cater to suits.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link regarding one example out of many . . .

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