Will Patrick Mahomes Ever Catch Up To EPIC Potential?!?

Doubt continues to plauge Kansas City Chiefs fans following a less than stellar victory over a 2nd string Green Bay team.

An apt line from our 2nd favorite football blog . . .

What was concerning was the performance of the Chiefs' offense — particularly that of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who still hasn't returned to the consistent production he gave the team during his first three seasons as a starter.

There's no other way to put it: Mahomes is in a slump.

Again, here's our favorite observation . . .

Just like so many fans, Patrick Mahomes might be doomed to endlessly chasing his short-lived glory days at Arrowhead.

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What the Chiefs are doing to fix Patrick Mahomes

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Green Bay Packers 13-7, advancing their record to 5-4 in an AFC West race that is suddenly wide open. In a season that has defied everyone's expectations, the victory was obviously welcome.

Patrick Mahomes no longer member of '99 Club' in Madden 22

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes' struggles on the field this season are making an impression on his video game performance. The once two-time member of the "99 club" has lost one point in his rating in the latest roster update of the Madden NFL 22 video game and now sits at a 98 overall.

Why Patrick Mahomes' Career Has Suddenly Hit a Snag | FOX Sports Radio

Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Patrick Mahomes is having the worst year of his NFL career, as the former MVP who some even proclaimed as the 'GOAT' and the 'Michal Jordan' of football just a couple of years into his career, now looks awfully human for a comatose Chiefs offense.

Why Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are the NFL's biggest mystery

Allow me to begin this story with a disclaimer: If you're here looking for a cast-iron solution to what's going on with the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes , a fearless prediction on how it will all shake out or all the answers to whether the unexpected weirdness percolating at Arrowhead should be seen as glass half-full or glass half-empty - sorry, we can't help you.

You decide . . .