Will Newspaper Pull Off Palace Coup Against Kansas City Police Chief?!?

This week the Kansas City Star published one of the most deceptive and misleading reports in its history.

After overwhelming push back the newspaper backed off their contention that advocates "had the votes" to "force out" the KCPD Chief . . . In fact, they didn't even dare to print the missive in today's issue. 

For those trying to keep up . . .

The Kansas City Star published an anonymous rumor of a swing vote that would help terminate the Chief. 

And right now . . .

After the dust settled our most kick-ass readers note that the newspaper tacitly admitted the error with this passage buried under a meaningless headline . . .

“Reports regarding an anonymous source indicating my vote to terminate the Chief are untrue,” Northland Police Board Dawn Cramer wrote. “He has announced his intentions to retire in 2022. I am very appreciative of his service to the city and he has earned it. I never stated my support to terminate his contract and he has my full support until he retires.”

Translation . . .


There have been demands for the Chief to go since the start of his tenure. They've all been unsuccessful. Again, we honestly didn't think he'd make it out of 2020 protests with his career intact.

However, this latest move against the KCPD Chief is even more insidious because it has corrupted the so-called Kansas City paper-of-record.

As far as tactics go . . . Let's define terms . . .

"A palace coup is a coup in which one faction within the ruling group displaces another faction within a ruling group. Palace coups are one of two major threats to dictators, the other being popular protests."

And so, in this environment and going forward it'll be hard to trust anything coming from the newspaper and IF the activists don't get an early retirement out of the Chief in the next police board meeting, then they will have diminished their credibility as well.

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New details about agreement regarding Chief Smith's retirement

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- KCTV5 News has learned new details about the agreement reached on Police Chief Rick Smith's retirement. Smith met with Mayor Lucas and the chair of the Police Commission Monday morning. A letter addressed to Chief Smith spells out the agreement that was reached.

Unsigned memo: KCPD Chief Rick Smith to retire in April, receive compensation through August

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An unsigned memo on behalf of the Kansas City, Missouri, Board of Police Commissioners outlines the details of Chief Rick Smith stepping down in 2022 . Penned by President Mark C. Tolbert, the memo said its purpose was to confirm the BOPC's conversation and agreement for the phased retirement of Smith.

Document shows there was a plan to have KC police chief leave early next year

There are new details on the future of Kansas City police Chief Rick Smith. Smith said he will retire next year. But there was a plan to have him step down in the spring.A document obtained by KMBC 9 News shows there was a memo drawn up this week to have Smith retire early in 2022 and not later in the year.

You decide . . .