Will Kansas City Pro-Police Legal Team Remove Mayor Q?!?

No, no they won't.

However, tonight we take a peek at their argument by way of legal eagles who have nicer desks than client lists . . .  

Last month Jackson County Judge Patrick Campbell ruled Lucas and the city council violated Missouri law by passing two ordinances reallocating $42 million from the current Kansas City Police Department’s budget.

But in her motion, Laura Waldon argues the judge didn't go far enough and that another state statute requires him to remove anyone who obstructed state control of KCPD as outlined by state law.

"We looked at the statute and saw clearly that half of the sentence was enforced by the judge,” Ken Auman, American Legal Projects Founder, said.

Again, this is a cute but unlikely legal slap fight that offers a glimpse at festering tensions betwixt hardliners and the mayor's office behind the scenes.

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New effort underway to remove Kansas City mayor from office after police funding lawsuit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Others have tried and failed but now a new effort to remove Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas has begun. A woman has filed her own motion to intervene and is asking the judge in the police funding lawsuit to add something to his ruling.