Will Infrastructure Bill Save Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids?!?!

EPIC spending from D.C. might not be able to thwart state level legal moves to redraw the balance of power in the Sunflower State.

The only thing we know for sure is that the lines will likely be decided in court and not amongst voters.

Here's the setup . . .

"Republican leaders in the House say they’ll continue to seek public input in the map drawing process, but partisan dividing lines had taken shape prior to the town halls. Democrats saw the compressed timeframe as evidence of an untrustworthy process aimed at producing maps that will cost Rep. Sharice Davids her seat in Congress and bolster the Republican super-majority in the Kansas Legislature in 2022. Republicans see a Democratic Party that is politicizing the redistricting process with the public to pressure lawmakers into passing maps friendly to the left."

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Is gerrymandering avoidable in Kansas redistricting?

The last two rounds of redrawing legislative and congressional boundaries in Kansas proved especially contentious. In 2012, the job fell to federal judges when lawmakers couldn't agree. Is there a less contentious way to do redistricting than letting legislators choose their own constituencies? Or is the process simply partisan by nature?