Westport security checkpoints have been abandoned early in the season amid exorbitant "diversity" costs imposed by KCMO. 

Meanwhile the crowds have become more unruly. 

Sadly, last night many chubby ladies in skimpy costumes were forced to run for cover amid gunfire.

Here's the report . . .

"The victim arrived at about 2:30 a.m. Monday morning and is listed in critical condition. Police found a crime scene near 40th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Westport. No victim or suspect information is available at this time."

Reality check . . . 


Any semblance of a middle-class or upscale crowd has departed.

The public relations gambit to lure hipsters and the affluent with champagne bars and fancy foodie offerings didn't work. Patrons of this party district are decidedly LOW-RENT and are likely scrounging together pocket change to nurse drinks. Most of the "customers" aren't paying but instead lurk on the periphery of the party district. 

Meanwhile, new "luxury" living pace seems to cautiously look down on the drama but might not be frequenting rowdy local bars.  

To be fair, Westport is always EVOLVING and now developers have put their faith in the streetcar extension to rescue their fading fortunes. 

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One person injured in Westport shooting early Monday morning

The Kansas City Police Department is investigating after a victim showed up to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Kansas City police investigating shooting in Westport

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A sergeant with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department said one man was shot around 2:20 a.m. in Westport, one of the city's main entertainment districts, where Halloween night celebrations were coming to an end. Police said the victim was taken to an area hospital with critical injuries.

Developing . . .