TKC Told You So: Kansas City Slavery Reparations Demands Rise!!!

LAST WEEK our blog community talked about a movement that's gaining momentum both nationally an locally.

Here's the mainstream take after the fact . . .

Organizers of the summit say reparative justice is the extraordinarily different change needed. Reparations could look like tax breaks for descendants of slaves, direct payments to descendants of slaves, new schools for Black communities, student loan forgiveness for Blacks, improved voting rights, and so on.

“The process has to start with the discussion, the data and then programs, initiatives and government support,” explained Ajamu Webster, the chairman of this year’s summit.

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Reparative justice dominates conversation at 2021 Urban Summit Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The 14th annual Urban Summit was an opportunity for grassroots organizations and elected leaders in the Kansas City, Missouri, area to learn more about the needs of, and solutions for, the region's Black community.