TKC Told You So: Kansas City Homeless Crisis Redux

Welcome to PART DEUX of Mayor Q's homeless camp FAIL and "solutions" that won't really make anyone happy. 

To recap . . .

- Downtown biz leaders rejected homeless housing from the Mayor & city manager earlier this year. 

- The Mayor's homeless hotel housing plan was an unmitigated and expensive disaster. 

- Neighborhoods across Kansas City reject the idea of housing the homeless in their neighborhoods. 

However . . .


Here's a peek . . .

The city, in partnership with nonprofits and social service groups, is exploring solutions that include expanding capacity at shelters, building pallet homes and improving coordination among city services and resources in the community.

But local nonprofits, service providers and advocates for the unhoused are already seeing an increase in unhoused residents — and not enough capacity to shelter them.  In their eyes, the city’s plans are a start, but a slow one. Advocates fear that the demand for shelter and services is outpacing the city’s ability to respond effectively.

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Kansas City is developing a winter plan for unhoused people. Will it be enough?

The city’s plans include more collaboration with service providers and funding the creation of more transitional housing.

Homeless shelter creates unique solution for extra winter capacity

As it gets colder, and more homeless people are forced to the streets, shelters are again looking for ways to expand. City Union Mission's family shelter is trying something completely new, pods for the homeless."This idea came to mind, a Murphy bed style that will fall down and then it will close back up," City Union Mission Executive Director and CEO Terry Megli said.

Cold weather, fires reignite Kansas City's homeless struggles, need for solutions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Fires during Monday's cold weather are exposing the reality of people living on the streets and struggling to stay warm. A fire was spotted Monday night at a homeless camp near Interstate 70 underpass in downtown Kansas City as temperatures remained in 30s.

Developing . . .