The Pitch Debuts Kansas City 'Best Of' And Nobody Cared

The Internets and COVID probably killed The Pitch but the new owners didn't really offer much of a fight.

The mag cut down to a monthly and RARELY offers anything worth reading.

True story about the most interesting thing they published all year . . .

An author of a worthwhile confessional asked The Pitch to remove her writing after the edits cut the heart and soul out of her work. 

We talked about it on this blog and the insightful piece generated a good amount of discussion from both sides of the "cancel culture" debate.

Now The Pitch is counting on Democratic Party funded prog blogs to do all of their heavy lifting but there's nothing really ALTERNATIVE about that content distribution strategy.

In the meantime, the classic pay for play "best of" gambit doesn't really mean anything when the mag has lost all of it's credibility . . . And even worse, its sense of fun.

Read more via news link . . .

Best of Kansas City 2021 results are officially live and these are a few of our favorite things

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