Suzanna Lee Slams Louis C.K. In Sex Assault Confessional

Politics and culture war confront a comedy legend coming soon to Kansas City.

As the #MeToo movement fades from public discussion, the sordid topic of gender inequality lingers. 

Here's a worthwhile look behind the scenes of the entertainment industry from one of our favorite artists who is based out of Kansas City . . .

"Not only do female comedians have to worry about not being believed or, if we are, that the club staff, owners, and bookers won’t have our backs, we often find out they’re just as bad. The toxic people look out lookout for the other toxic people. In this industry, whether women say something or bite their tongue, we get screwed out of work. The comedy industry has always been called a boys club, but that’s not as accurate of a label as an anti-woman club, because these experiences are attempts to force us out. To scare us away.

"Sometimes, winning the prize money isn’t worth staying the night in a haunted house.

"That brings us back to Louis C.K."

Lucky shares some worthwhile and funny lines in this essay that's certainly worth a read and offers inspiration for locals who might save a buck.

Read more via news link . . .

KC Voices: Louis C.K. is coming to the Uptown Theater. You should skip this one.

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Updated link . . . Louis CK Doesn’t Not Suck Again Yet, Kansas City...