Survey Seyz Kansas Guv Kelly Stays Winning

Polling numbers contradict predictions of a RED WAVE and readers may agree or disagree with the results but can't deny election season quickly moving closer.

Here's the money line . . .

“Since she was elected, Governor Kelly has consistently delivered for Kansans, and it shows in these numbers,” said Vicki Hiatt, KDP Chairwoman. “She has created jobs and boosted the state’s economy, fully funded public schools, and expertly managed the budget that had been recklessly mismanaged under the Brownback administration. Most recently, Governor Kelly called for an elimination of the state’s record-high food sales tax, an effort that will save Kansas families hundreds of dollars every year. It’s no surprise that an overwhelming majority of Kansans approve of the job Governor Kelly has done.”

The KDP said the news follows Republican Governors Association Executive Director Dave Rexrode’s statement to the National Journal that “economic and educational issues” will “dominate” the upcoming gubernatorial race in Kansas, which the KDP said could be tough for Republican frontrunner and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt.

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New poll finds 54% of Kansas registered voters approve of Gov. Kelly's work

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A recent poll found over half of registered voters in Kansas approve of the job Governor Laura Kelly has done since she has taken office. In a recent poll from Morning Consult, the Kansas Democratic Party said about 54% of registered voters in Kansas - Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike - approve of Governor Laura Kelly 's job performance.