Show-Me Senator Hawley's 'Parents Bill Of Rights' Push Back

Public school push back from conservatives demands public comment.

Here are the basics as Facebook Karens learn to love public comment soap boxes provided by small towns across the nation . . .

The bill outlines eight 'rights' given to parents in their child's education. Schools found violating those tenets could risk lawsuits and cuts to federal funding.

It would also force school boards to hold all of their education- and student-related meetings in public and allow for public commentary.

'America has long recognized the right of parents to direct their children’s education but we are now seeing a concerted effort by the Left to shut parents out,' Hawley said in a statement posted online by his press secretary.

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Josh Hawley unveils parents' bill of rights to counter 'woke' schools

Missouri lawmaker Hawley unveiled eight 'rights' enforceable by parents against public schools, under penalty of lawsuits and losing federal funding School boards have been a hotbed for ideological clashes in recent months Hawley's bill would force school boards to make nearly all their meetings public Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley introduced a piece of legislation dubbed the Parents' Bill of Rights Act on Tuesday, taking aim at 'woke bureaucrats' and Democrats he accuses of 'shutting parents out' of their child's education.