Show-Me Senator Hawley Double Down Against Pr0n & Video Games

The Senator continues to beat up on your incel relatives that comprise a great many online trollz. So, actually, this is a pretty brave stance.

Check the clip of the Missouri politico in his own words . . .

Of course the push back from progressives has been scathing. 

However . . .

Criticizing couch potatoes is a pretty safe bet.

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Republican Presidential Hopeful Soft-Launches 2024 Campaign on Premise That Men Are Masturbating Too Much

Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley is only 41 years old, but he is already relatively well-known as a political figure. This is because he is laser-focused, to an extent perhaps only rivaled by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, on attaching himself to national coverage of buzzy issues by taking provocative positions.

Josh Hawley claims these two activities are destroying America's men

Sen. Josh Hawley has a bone to pick with porn. And video games, too. The Missouri Republican, widely known for throwing up a seemingly approving fist pump at would-be rioter s hours before the Jan. 6 attack, believes adult movies and video games are the true dangers confronting America's men.

Josh Hawley Knows Nothing About What Makes a Real Man, or a Good One

Everything junior Missouri Senator Josh Hawley does, day in day out, is an exercise in sneering opportunism. Maybe he loves playing the right-wing bad boy, gobbling up airtime, stoking cultural outrage, alongside the relentless smirking he does into the black hole of whatever he imagines his future consists of.

Josh Hawley Slams Video Games As Threat To American Masculinity After Bullshit Sniper Ends His 'Battlefield' Killstreak

ORLANDO-Attacking the "idleness," that leads men to just hide up in an attic on the Provence map, Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley slammed video games Monday as a threat to masculinity after a "bullshit sniper," ended his killstreak in Battlefield V. "It's painful for American men to know that you can be right about to score...

Ep. 835 - The War On Masculinity

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Senator Josh Hawley provokes mockery and jeers from the media for suggesting that there is an attack on masculinity in our culture. But he's completely correct, of course. In fact, the situation is even worse than he describes. Masculinity is in its death throes in the West.

You decide . . .