Show-Me Red Wave Prep

This link is from STL but it has implications for the political future of the entire state. 

The highlights . . .

Proposals that would resuscitate Missouri’s government-issued photo identification requirement to vote. He also provided his opinion on whether there should be runoffs for statewide and congressional elections.

Whether there are opportunities for bipartisanship in next year’s session, when numerous legislators will be running for reelection or higher-profile offices like state Senate or congressional seats.

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South St. Louis County rep thinks congressional redistricting could dominate '22 session

On the latest episode of Politically Speaking, Republican state Rep. Michael O'Donnell joins St. Louis Public Radio's Sarah Kellogg and Jason Rosenbaum to discuss the upcoming Missouri General Assembly session. O'Donnell represents Missouri's 95th House District, which takes in a portion of south St. Louis County - primarily the Oakville area.