Show-Me Latest Vaxx Mandate Lawsuit Against Prez Biden

The legal move was telegraphed last week when the MO AG joined a multi-state anti-vaxx mandate lawsuit.

Here's today's blast . . .

“The federal government does not have the authority to unilaterally force private employers to mandate their employees get vaccinated or foot the bill for weekly testing," Schmitt wrote in his statement.

Schmitt said he spoke with several Missouri businesses who voiced their concerns over the federal mandate.

"We will be on file first thing tomorrow morning to halt this illegal, unconstitutional attempt by the Biden Administration and the federal government to impose their will on thousands of Missouri businesses and millions of Missourians," Schmitt wrote. "Missouri will not roll over, we will not back down – we will file suit imminently.”

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Missouri AG to sue Biden Administration over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt will sue the Biden Administration over the recent COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandate that went into effect on November 4. Shortly after the announcement that employees of big companies will be required to be vaccinated by January 4, 2022, or get tested for the virus every week, Schmitt announced his plans to halt the federal mandate.

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