Show-Me Fake Meat Fight

Right now we take another peek at the struggle over labeling amid a growing market for plant-based meat alternatives and other practices to move the public away from animal flesh.

Here's the word from a top Missouri law man . . . 

“As Missouri’s Attorney General, I’ve made it a priority to protect Missouri’s farmers and ranchers. Changing labeling standards to allow lab-made ‘fake meat’ to be marketed as the real meat that’s brought to market by Missouri’s farmers and ranchers is dishonest and hurts those same farmers and ranchers who have tended to their land and cattle for generations. USDA should reverse their plan to implement this rule change,” said Attorney General Schmitt.

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Missouri Attorney General files letter with USDA opposing change in proposed fake meat labeling standards

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt earlier this month filed a comment letter during the comment period of a proposed USDA rule change that would affect the labeling of "fake meat" products. The Missouri Attorney General's Office has been successful in defending a Missouri state statute that prohibits the labeling of "fake meat" products as meat.