Show-Me COVID Vaxx Mandate Fight Ahead Amid Federal Court BLOCK!!!

Right now we want to share more follow-up on continued push back against vaxx orders as numbers decline and Americans don't seem scared of Euro-trash talk regarding the latest pandemic threat.

Here's the upshot from Jeff City and the leading Republican Senate candidate so far . . .

“Broadly speaking, it’s an unconstitutional, unlawful, unwise, unprecedented, breathtaking federal overreach,” said (Missouri AG) Schmitt in an interview with St. Louis Public Radio on Friday. “There’s no authority anywhere in the constitution or any federal statute that gives the Biden administration the authority to force the vaccination of tens of millions of Americans. There just isn't’.”

More to the point . . . 

Given that even the Kansas Democratic moderate guv is pushing back . . . 

It's safe to say that the federal COVID vaxx mandate is unpopular across the nation. It seems that Americans are willing to tolerate public health guidance and encouragement, not orders and draconian requirements.

Generally, when given a CHOICE most people will try to do the right thing and will even sacrifice for the greater good of their neighbors and community.

The politicization of the vaxx is unfortunate because even former Prez Trump is walking a tightrope and encouraging people to get the shot whilst respecting their freedom.

However . . . 

Ordering an injection is a clearly tough sell and virtually unprecedented at the federal level.

Read more via news links . . .

Missouri's Eric Schmitt says GOP attorneys general can stop Biden vaccine mandate

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt followed through on his months-long promise to sue over President Joe Biden's plan to require COVID-19 vaccination or testing at larger businesses. And the Republican believes that the GOP attorneys general who signed on to the suit will succeed in proving that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule went beyond what the federal government is allowed to do.

Is a federal vaccine mandate legal? KU's constitutional law expert says the answer is not so simple

More workers who are unvaccinated will now be required to get the COVID-19 vaccine by Jan. 4. The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration released a new rule on Thursday that would force employees in private companies to get vaccinated or face weekly testing.

11 States File Suit Against Biden's Business Vaccine Mandate

By DAVID A. LIEB, Associated Press JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Attorneys general in 11 states filed suit Friday against President Joe Biden's administration, challenging a new vaccine requirement for workers at companies with more than 100 employees. The lawsuit filed in the St. Louis-based 8th U.S.

Lawsuits over workplace vaccine rule focus on states' rights

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- More than two dozen Republican-led states filed lawsuits Friday challenging President Joe Biden's vaccine requirement for private companies, setting up a high-stakes legal showdown pitting federal authority against states' rights. The requirement issued Thursday by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration applies to businesses with more than 100 employees.

More than half of US states are suing to stop Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate

At least 26 states on Friday filed or joined lawsuits opposing President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate. "This mandate is unconstitutional, unlawful, and unwise," said a filing by a coalition of 11 states. The White House on Thursday made official its plan to require vaccines for employees of big companies.

UPDATE . . .

Federal court of appeals issues temporary halt to Biden vaccine mandate

A federal court issued Texas a temporary victory in its lawsuit against the Biden administration's coronavirus vaccine mandate issuing a stay on the controversial federal government regulation in Texas. "Yesterday, I sued the Biden Admin over its unlawful OSHA vax mandate," Texas' Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton tweeted Saturday. "WE WON.

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