Protesters Cite Conflict & Demand Removal Of Judge From Kansas City Police Trial

Advocacy and/or politics continues to surround a deadly shooting involving KCPD.

Background . . .

Let's not forget that some of the members of this group also called a police shooting an "execution" after the armed suspect wanted for another violent crime was killed in a struggle with police

Here are the basics stolen quoted from the newspaper . . .

Members of the organization Getting to the Heart of the Matter gathered on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse calling for Judge J. Dale Youngs to be removed from presiding over the bench trial scheduled to begin Monday.

”It is often said that justice is blind, but we really need for Kansas City to see this,” said Darron Edwards, lead pastor of the United Believers Community Church. “You cannot have balanced scales if somebody has their hand on the scales. This trial, we believe cannot proceed like this.”

The group alleges there is a conflict of interest between Youngs and Dawn Parsons, one of the attorneys representing DeValkenaere. However, the alleged issue dealt with a separate criminal case that occurred in 2011 and is not related to DeValkenaere.

They also said they believe Youngs may show favor to DeValkenaere based on his past dealings with Parsons, who had previously served as an assistant Jackson County prosecutor.

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Community activists want judge in KC police shooting trial removed from criminal case

Citing a conflict of interest, a group of community activists on Wednesday demanded the recusal of a Jackson County judge who will preside over the trial of a Kansas City police officer accused in the shooting death of a Black man.

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Activists want judge, attorney excused from Kansas City detective's trial in Cameron Lamb killing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Community activists are speaking out days before the trial for a Kansas City police detective. Eric Devalkenaere has been charged with first-degree involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action in the shooting death of Cameron Lamb. Judge Dale Youngs will oversee a bench trial on Monday.