Prez Biden 'Build Back Better' Backed By Kansas City Leaders

The biggest round of stimmy yet earns enthusiastic local support.

Here's one example out of many . . .

"Now, while this new funding could enhance more the of the bridges project in its entirety, Kansas City, Missouri, Parks and Recreation says an array of projects could provide more local jobs and economic impact to the area.“So, the workers that work on this, they live in Kansas City and also, they spend the money in Kansas City," Richard Allen, park planning and park development manager with KC Parks and Rec said.

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$1.2 trillion infrastructure bill could benefit existing projects in the Kansas City-area

KANSAS CITY, MO - On Monday, President Joe Biden signed a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. Now, some of the funding could benefit existing projects in the Kansas City area, including the Martin Luther King Park Pedestrian Bridge.

'Build Back Better' funds could go to Kansas City's vulnerable citizens

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Workers who care for some of Kansas City's most vulnerable citizens hope desperately needed funding comes from President Joe Biden's Build Back Better Act. The nonprofit Life Unlimited is funded by the state of Missouri and matched federally through Medicaid.It provides long-term in-home care and services to more than 1,000 adults living with disabilities in the Kansas City area.

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