Populist Missouri Democratic Party Rising Star Earns High Praise

Recently, on the (lower) front page of politico is a peek at a carefully crafted story that will elicit MILLIONS in donations.

Beyond the hype the guy might have a fighting shot if/when mainstream media get to work tearing down the GOP mainstream candidates and their own party damages them in the primary. 

Check-it  . . .

Hence, his pitch: Kunce is a Democrat, yes, but he prefers to call himself a populist, and he’s hoping a campaign against “big corporations and corrupt politicians,” on behalf of American workers hurt by globalization and monopoly power, will have enough appeal across partisan and racial divides to put him over the top. Nine months ahead of the 2022 primary, he has attracted national attention and cable-news spots for his blistering critiques of the war in Afghanistan, where he deployed twice — Kabul’s collapse, he says, was inevitable; U.S. elites lied about the war for 20 years; and defense contractors got rich while communities like his hometown decayed. Last quarter, Kunce outraised all his opponents in the race, Republicans included. And no matter if the issue is war in the Middle East, agriculture in the Midwest or pretty much anything else, his appeal to unity is this: Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, you’re all getting screwed.

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The Populist, Millennial Veteran Who Wants to Turn Missouri Blue

ST. LOUIS - Steering a Ford Focus through soggy mist toward the northeast Missouri farm town of Palmyra, Lucas Kunce - Marine veteran, millennial, populist Democratic contender for a U.S. Senate seat in this very Republican state - is explaining Missouri voters by way of a story about socks.