PolitiFact Offers Kansas City Fact Check Amid Rampant Criticism

Big picture, a fact-checking site suffers fierce attacks from conservatives after a glaring mistake . . .

PolitiFact slammed for 'fact-check' on Rittenhouse legally owning gun

PolitiFact has been slammed for a "fact-check" that claimed to readers that Kyle Rittenhouse's possession of a firearm was illegal - after the judge presiding over his murder trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin, threw out the weapons charge against him.

PolitiFact doubles down on widely mocked 'fact-check' claiming Rittenhouse's possession of weapon wasn't legal

PolitiFact doubled down on Tuesday after being roasted for a poorly aged "fact-check" claiming Kyle Rittenhouse's firearm possession was illegal by adding a long-winded explanation declaring the much-criticized piece remains unchanged. Judge Bruce Schroeder, who is overseeing the Rittenhouse murder trial, made headlines on Monday over his decision to throw out the sixth charge against the 18-year-old for having a dangerous weapon as a minor.

Accordingly, and possibly in order to regain their credibility, the site is highlighting more glaringly obvious Internets memes connected to this Cowtown . . . Check-it:

A photo of a Kansas City tourism agency sign purports to show a glaring typo that says 25 million visitors are welcomed “anally” instead of “annually.”

The image, which first began appearing on social media in 2018 and is cropping up again, is doctored, according to Visit KC, which shared the original image on Twitter.

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PolitiFact - The photo of a Kansas City tourism sign with a glaring typo is a fake

A viral image from 2018 that purportedly shows a funny - or vulgar, depending on your sense of humor - typo on a sign is rearing its head again on social media. A Facebook post shows a photo of a sign from a Kansas City, Mo., tourism group that reads, "Did you know?