Paul Rudd Takes 'Sexiest Man Alive' Crown As America Lowers Expectations

He's a native of the Kansas City metro and the B-list celeb does a lot of great charity work around the metro.

Technically "Ant Man" was a hit but it was the worst of all the Marvel movies and I'm not sure anybody really trusts Hollywood accounting.

Nevertheless . . .

Prep another "kegger at his mom's house" for this dubious honor that might inspire the plebs to stop suspending disbelief in corporate media for just a moment.

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Paul Rudd Is PEOPLE's 2021 Sexiest Man Alive: 'I'm Getting Business Cards Made'

"I'm going to lean into it hard," the actor says of earning the crown. "I'm going to own this" The actor, 52, has heard it all - kind, self-deprecating, affable, hardworking, all labels he's embraced to some degree. But sexy? That's a little outside his wheelhouse.