Patrick Mahomes & Kansas City Chiefs Plagued By Doubt

Avid football fans realize that the 2021 football season is anything but a success. 

There are obvious weaknesses for the Kansas City Chiefs and critical fans still aren't convinced. 

Here's a peak a their reasoning . . .

Basically if a doubter wanted to poke a hole in any win for the Chiefs this year, they would be able to do so. Some of them have come against subpar competition. The bigger wins were all missing key players for the offense. These are all fatalist takes, choosing the negative spin just because they can, but it’s there nonetheless.

Some fans have decided to ignore it all outright, much of it under the banner of “Everyone has injuries so I’m not even entertaining such an argument.” However if the roles were reversed, would Chiefs fans not cry foul over the Raiders beating the Packers without Aaron Rodgers? Or if the Chiefs were missing more players in key games, would that not be a key focus for fans?

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Is there any merit to claims of KC Chiefs' doubters?

When it comes to most analysts and fans of the National Football League, the past month has proven that the Kansas City Chiefs are back. Patrick Mahomes and the offense have come to life when needed, as illustrated by the five touchdown passes thrown by Mahomes in a dominating win over the Las Vegas Raiders.