Only Socialism Can Save Kansas City Royals

Brilliant blogging from Royals fanbois offers insight on our busted economy amid the off-season.

An exemplar . . .

"I’m talking about revenue sharing among the teams - a socialist concept where no matter each team must recognize that they are all ultimately working together to bring in all of the profits and that they should be shared equally. Revenue sharing does exist in baseball, but it’s not as complete as it needs to be. Right now, the Yankees have to give some of their profits to the Reds. But because it isn’t total revenue sharing, it leads to inequalities that hurt the sport. The way the system is structured, the Reds still can’t directly compete with the Yankees for free agents. The lack of rules around revenue sharing means that the Reds aren’t even required to try to compete with the Yankees for free agents, either. Since they can’t go toe to toe and without a mandate to spend that money, the Reds have determined that it is more profitable to simply keep losing without trying to improve. The Yankees don’t mind this too much because, with less competition for free agents, they still save money, too."

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Capitalism is ruining baseball

In this week's Hok Talk, we discuss the different, conflicting goals making baseball less enjoyable than it could be. Baseball is a sport. sport 1. an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.