Newsflash: Prairie Village White Lady Politico Apologizes For Racism!!!

Generally, TKC supports middle-class white women admitting they're wrong and begging forgiveness.

However, in this instance it doesn't serve any higher purpose . . . Like a free pizza or nip slip. 

Check-it . . .

"Racial covenants made it illegal for Black people to live in white neighborhoods. Now they're illegal, but you might still have one on your home's deed. And they're hard to remove. Councilwoman Inga Selders stands in front of her childhood home where she currently lives with her family in Prairie Village, Kan. Selders stumbled upon a racially restrictive housing covenant in her homeowners association property records . . . "

Actually, this is a tried & true new story that the newspaper and their spawn have been running since the late 80s.

OF COURSE, the agreements don't hold up but the arcane language is worth remembering inasmuch as it keeps local news content exciting and promotes white guilt amongst progressives.

Note . . . For a nominal fee, TKC has offered to dig up the zombie corpse of J.C. Nichols and kill him again if it makes anybody happy and prevents local media from recycling old stories.

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Racial covenants, a relic of the past, are still on the books in Kansas City and across the country

Inga Selders, a city council member in a suburb of Kansas City, wanted to know if there were provisions preventing homeowners from legally having backyard chickens. So she combed through deeds in the county recorder's office for two days looking for specific language.