This news item is getting bounced around amongst our conservative friends and some of the comments are unkind. 

Our only takeaway . . . 

Given that nobody is excited about concessions, usability, design or parking . . . New KCI is now stuck with promoting new toilets.

Here's just a bit more hype which attempts to convince everybody . . .

"The spirit of inclusion extends beyond ability to identity. Two large restrooms of 24 and 28 stalls are designated as ‘all-gender’. These restrooms will contain floor to ceiling partitions for privacy and grouped sinks. While much of the conversation surrounding all-gender restrooms has focused on the trans community, we’ve seen great benefits for all users."

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Inclusive to all

SOM associate principal, Jordan Pierce, explains how incorporating inclusivity and accessibility into the design of its new terminal will ensure a warm welcome for all passengers at Kansas City International Airport. Can we pump barbecue smells through the terminal?" one gentleman asked. "You'll know where you are as soon as you step off the plane."