Mostly White Kansas City Star Hates Police?!?

It's an open question given the decidedly anti-police talking points taken up by the editorial board.

Here's the word from a white lady touted as a two-time Pulitzer finalist . . .

"What were the odds that on the same day in the same midsize, Middle American town, 1) a white police officer would, for the first time in Kansas City history, go on trial for killing a Black man and 2) a Missouri prosecutor would, also for the first time, under a new state law, get to argue in court that an innocent, 62-year-old Black Kansas City man should at last go free, 43 years after his wrongful conviction by an all-white jury? Impossible, right? Yet these two improbable proceedings, each of them groundbreaking . . . "

This might be award winning journalistic commentary . . . Or not.

Fact is . . . This cowtown is struggling with hiring more cops and we notice newspaper editorials consistently criticizing police but rarely questioning the activist narrative that also deserves a bit of skepticism. 

We're merely asking the question that might deserve a bit of consideration as the fortunes of the old school media company continue to erode.

Read more via news link to a column that might be behind the paywall . . .

In Kansas City courts this week, two 'firsts' involving Black lives stolen by police

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