Missing Pig Evokes Mission, Kansas Outcry

Here's a peek at a local community pleading with callous vandals for a bit of consideration . . .

Earlier last week someone paid the pigs a visit in the middle of the night. The Pattersons' security cameras show someone jerking the 70 lb bronze piglet loose from its base, picking it up and carrying it to a nearby car.

News of the theft generated several angry Facebook and Nextdoor posts. On Sunday Carolyn posted a sign by the sculpture that says, "Please bring him back."

"It's not valuable to them," she said. "It's only valuable to me because it's something I love."

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Stolen pig statue leaves Mission Hills neighborhood disgruntled

MISSION, KS (KCTV) --- Carolyn Patterson hoped the bronze sculpture in front of her house would inspire people passing through her neighborhood. At the center of her circle drive, a winged piglet looks up at its mother perched atop a rock. It's a piece she and her husband, Bill, commissioned last fall, called "Dream Big."