McCloskey Seyz: Vote For Me Or Die?!?

A little dude with a gun talks very big.

Here's a political theory that he's sharing which sounds provocative and maybe I'll get scared if Prez Biden grows an EPIC pr0n stache like Stalin or Burt Reynolds . . . Check-it . . .

In the same interview, McCloskey said history shows that when the “the left has taken over,” such as in the Soviet Union or China, “known resistors of the government get eliminated. And so that’s the ultimate resolution of a lot of these issues in places where the communists have taken over.”

“How many millions of people did Stalin kill? How many tens of millions of people did Mao kill? How many people did Fidel Castro kill?” McCloskey said. “It is their modus operandi to eliminate by death or opposition.”

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McCloskey: Vaccinated people are "indoctrinated sheep"

By Jason Hancock Missouri GOP Senate candidate Mark McCloskey told a crowd in Osage Beach last month that vaccine mandates were an effort by the government to push "right-thinking, freethinking Americans" out of their jobs to leave only "the indoctrinated sheep."