Lenexa Stays Losing On Facebook Marketplace

The plebs of the Golden Ghetto are losing items more valuable than marketing data via a social media giant.

And so, as ripoff schemes ramp up at what we hope is the conclusion of the pandemic . . . Here's a decent bit of advice . . .

"With the holidays approaching, these types of person-to-person sales are likely to increase," Lenexa police said. "We strongly recommend meeting up at a police station to conduct these transactions. At our [police department], the front circle drive, the front entrance walkway, and even our lobby are good options."

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Lenexa police investigate 2 robberies involving Facebook Marketplace sales

LENEXA, KS (KCTV) -- The Lenexa Police Department is investigating two different robberies that happened after people tried to sell electronics via Facebook Marketplace. That police department says the robberies took place in a gas station parking lot and a grocery store parking lot on Monday.