Lawsuit Claims Olathe Walmart COVID Vaxx'd Teen Without Consent

According to this story, the teen wanted to get vax'd in order to hang out with friends.

Here's a glimpse at the drama . . .

"They told me that no remorse whatsoever, no apologies. They said they had immunity and that that was it," the woman's attorney said. "They violated parental consent, they violated her right to privacy in medical malpractice. You have to get consent when you do these things."

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Olathe mom sues Walmart for allegedly giving COVID-19 vaccine to daughter without consent

OLATHE, Kan. - An Olathe mother has filed a lawsuit against Walmart over the COVID-19 vaccine. The lawsuit alleges that the woman's 15-year-old girl was vaccinated by a Walmart employee at the store's pharmacy without parental consent. The 15-year-old girl wanted the COVID-19 vaccine so she could hang out with her friends.