Kevin Strickland 'Exoneration' Trial Starts

This case is tough because so many local media outlets want to play social justice warrior and there's national interest in favor of "exoneration" based on a great many sketchy deets from former cons and dead people.

Meanwhile, it's important to note that statewide officials are "holding the line" on this case and have openly expressed their skepticism and/or endorsement of a murder convection against Kevin Strickland. 

To be fair . . .

Our only insight and a TKC axiom . . .

Everybody in prison seyz they're innocent.

Nevertheless, the news is important if only because activists have pushed this case to the forefront of the local news agenda. 

AND . . .

Jackson County Prosecutor "Mean" Jean Peters Baker has led outcry and declared the wrongful conviction of Mr. Strickland.

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Kevin Strickland's innocence hearing finally set to begin in Jackson County Court

After a long and winding legal process, Kevin Strickland's evidentiary hearing is set for Monday and Tuesday, but could go longer. Judge James Welsh will preside, but he won't be the first judge to consider Kevin Strickland's petition of innocence, and Strickland's day in court has already been delayed twice.

Evidentiary hearing scheduled for Monday in Kevin Strickland case

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The ongoing legal saga in the Kevin Strickland case reaches a critical juncture at 10 a.m. Monday morning at the Jackson County Courthouse. An evidentiary hearing is scheduled where Strickland's legal team will present evidence and arguments that they hope exonerates their client, who has been in prison for 43 years, serving a capital murder sentence for a 1979 triple homicide.

Court hearing underway for Kevin Strickland

After 43 years behind bars, and insisting he's innocent the entire time, Kevin Strickland gets his chance at freedom Monday.A hearing on his case is underway in Jackson County.For months, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker has said Strickland, 62, should be freed from prison.An investigation by her office concluded

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