Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Out Of A Job Soon?!?

Complaints about congressional redistricting are reaching a crescendo in Kansas. 

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Right now, Sharice Davids is the only Kansas Democrat in Congress. Now that her district is overpopulated, it gives Republicans an incentive to set new lines and hurt Davids politically.

Lawmakers have to decide the shape for all 165 legislators, 10 state board of education members and four Congressional seats. Some Democrats are worried Republicans will create districts to unfairly favor the GOP.

Talks of potential gerrymandering arose last year, after a video surfaced showing former Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle making controversial comments on redistricting.

In a clip taken from a video posted on Sept. 25, 2020, Wagle speaks to the Wichita Pachyderm Club about redistricting around 19 minutes in. She discussed the need for a Republican majority to redraw district maps, and to make it harder for Congresswoman Sharice Davids to keep her seat.

“I guarantee you, we can draw four Republican Congressional maps,” Wagle said in September. Currently, Republicans hold three seats, while one is held by a Democrat.

Some users reacted to the video on Twitter, calling the GOP leader’s statement “blatant partisanship” and accusing leaders of using redistricting to “sway elections.” Wagle responded to the comments in an interview with KSNT News, and said the video is taken out of context. She said the governor is trying to get Democrats elected and to turn districts blue, and that she’s within reason to push for her party’s candidates.

“I’m the Senate President. I’m a Republican, and I’m working very hard to get Republicans elected all throughout Kansas,” Wagle said.

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