Kansas Rep. Sharice Brags On Infrastructure Bill Victory

I'm not sure if getting cozy with Prez Biden is the smartest move for a Kansas politico.

But a win is a win and the Kansas politico is no longer playing the middle. 

Check a boast after bringing home the bacon . . .

“I just think we're going to see inter-generational change in our infrastructure,” Davids said.

Kansas is set to receive $3.9 billion, mostly for highways. However, there is money in the plan to increase brand ban internet coverage. Internet accessibility is a problem in the rural and poor areas of both states. The bill will add plans for widening the 167th street interchange to the Kansas state plan. The widening is needed to accommodate the rising volume of traffic on highway 69.

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Kansas and Missouri could get $14 billion from the new federal infrastructure bill

Kansas and Missouri could get $14 billion from the new infrastructure bill passed by Congress. Congresswoman Sharice Davids says it could affect our area for a generation. The plan has money for roads, bridges, even water quality improvements. Davids, the democrat from the Kansas side of the Kansas City metro is the vice chair of the House Transportation Committee.