Kansas Rep. Aaron Coleman Out Of Jail & Awaiting Head Check

A mugshot of a troubled, young Kansas politicos shows that he's obviously not looking well.

Here's the sitch so far . . .

"According to staff at the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, Coleman, who had already spent two nights in jail, reported a symptom of COVID-19 and entered the jail's COVID-19 protocol. Coleman will have to participate in a mental health evaluation and other mental health programming as a condition of his release."

Kansas Democratic Party leaders have called on him to resign and get the help he needs following this embarrassing episode after a domestic beef near his granny's house in Overland Park.

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Kansas Rep. Aaron Coleman out of jail following domestic battery incident

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A lightning rod for controversy since his election in 2020, Kansas State Representative Aaron Coleman was arrested Saturday night in Overland Park. He is now charged with domestic battery, according to court documents.

Community reacts to Kansas state representative facing domestic battery charges

JOHNSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV) -- A Kansas state lawmaker was scheduled to be in court today after being arrested over the weekend. Representative Aaron Coleman, who represents the 37 th district in KCK, is charged with domestic battery. Due to COVID the hearing was only through Zoom and not at the Johnson County Courthouse.

Kansas lawmaker charged with battery, mental exam ordered

A freshman Kansas lawmaker who has acknowledged past abuses against girls and young women was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation Monday after he was charged with domestic battery in a disturbance involving his brother at his grandfather's home. Magistrate Judge James Phelan said Democratic state Rep.

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