Kansas Pushes Back Against Prez Biden Vaxx Mandate

In no uncertain terms, today the majority of elected officials in the Sunflower State rejected pandemic policy from Prez Biden.

Check the legislation . . .

"AN ACT concerning employer COVID-19 vaccine requirements; requiring exemptions; providing for waiver requests; authorizing a complaint and investigation process with the secretary of labor for violations related to exemptions, enforcement actions by the attorney general and civil penalties to be imposed by a court for such violations."

Stephen Owens (R-Hesston), one of the bill's sponsors in the house, said in his introduction that the bill is designed to protect employees.

"It puts a mechanism in place by which employees can file complaints with the department of labor that will be investigated timely," he said.

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Kansas House and Senate each pass bills restricting vaccine mandates in special session

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Both chambers of the KS legislature passed versions of a bill pushing back on federal vaccine requirements. The house bill requires employers to honor religious exemptions. It also outlines procedures for employees to file complaints with the Department of Labor over possible violations.

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