Kansas Politicos Threaten To Remove State Rep. Aaron Coleman

The candidacy that started as a practical joke has backfired as charges and push back against the youngster politico are now very real.

The latest power move . . .

Rep. Joella Hoye, D-Lenexa, filed the complaint along with fellow Reps. Stephanie Byers, Linda Featherston, Christina Haswood, Mari-Lynn Poskin, and Lindsay Vaughn.

Shortly after the complaint was filed, Hoye said that they're hoping to move forward with the expulsion process.

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Kansas Rep. Aaron Coleman could face expulsion from office after lawmakers file complaint

TOPEKA, Kan. - Six members of the Kansas House filed a complaint Monday against Democratic state Rep. Aaron Coleman, calling for his expulsion, following a suspected DUI arrest over the weekend.

6 Kansas legislators file complaint against Aaron Coleman

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Following an arrest for allegedly driving under the influence, and several other scandals, six Democratic Kansas lawmakers have filed a complaint against fellow Rep. Aaron Coleman. The complaint comes from Reps.

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