Kansas Democratic Party Blames Republicans For Rep. Aaron Coleman Hot Mess?!?

Here's a priceless political move in the Sunflower State . . .

Democratic Party officials are playing hot potato with one of their biggest embarrassments. 

Check the EPIC blame shift as JoCo & WyCo leaders don't even want to claim the guy as a member of their party . . .

Democrats on the committee earlier this year initially wanted harsher punishment — like a formal censure or expulsion from the Legislature.

“There has to be something done, because otherwise this is a slap in the face to all those people who are his victims,” Democratic Rep. Cindy Neighbor said at the January hearing.

But those efforts couldn’t advance because Republicans didn’t want to take more severe action over fear of setting a precedent. They said there was no previous instance of a lawmaker facing discipline for actions before they took office.

“I don’t want to set a precedent that has never been done before in Kansas history,” Republican Rep. John Barker said when opposing any formal action against Coleman.

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Here's what it would take to remove a Kansas lawmaker charged with domestic battery

Kansas state Rep. Aaron Coleman could face a second complaint from his fellow Democratic lawmakers following his arrest last month for an alleged domestic battery. And it appears less likely he'd emerge with a simple reprimand like he did last time.