Kansas City Wish List For The Next Top Cop Debuts

This evening news cycle was mostly garbage and dedicated to holiday doldrums. 

However, other than city hall promoted garbage . . . There was a headline worthy of checking out because it offers the opportunity for a chuckle . . . 

"We demand to be at the table when the selection process begins,” said Pastor Darron Edwards, co-founder of Getting to the Heart of the Matter. Matter, said. “We want to be at the table. We're not just listing these and offering these as sheets of paper.”

Edwards said he recently met with other community activists and current police officers to come up with some requirements for the next chief.

Those include the following:

- Must have a background in dealing with diversity in the communities.

- Guardian mentality with all communities.

- Open door policy to the community and leaders and willing to listen and respect all voices.

- Offers bottom up out of the box solutions and strategies within the department handling community issues.

- Believes in financial transparency of the police department.

- Believes in holding bad characters in the department accountable.

- The next chief must come from out of state (including Kansas). 

- Every resume from within the current department needs to be rejected.

- The next chief should have a documented history of building community engagement, partnerships, and community involved accountability boards.


Looking closely, I think there might be a request for a pony too. 

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You decide . . .