For a hot second we're without a mask mandate.

Don't get too comfy, Europe coping with a COVID resurgence means that it's only a matter of time before we mask up again. 

And only God know what kind of awful disaster awaits voters before the midterms. 

Nevertheless . . . 

The mask orders end today and now locals will make their own decisions about face coverings.

Expect to see them around if only because the pandemic revealed that there are quite a few people in poor health walking around.

So, as always, we hope locals will take care and show a bit of kindness to people in the real world coping with this next phase of the plauge.

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The 'great unmasking of Kansas City' starts Friday, residents hopeful for future

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After months of masking in Kansas City, after midnight on Friday many people can put them away. The City Council approved a new ordinance focused on masking in schools. Businesses, restaurants, bars, and many more will no longer need to require masks to enter.

Change in KC mask mandate means some workers won't have to check for compliance

For over a year, every time the door opens, service workers have been checking for compliance."Playing that mask police, it gets a little stressful," said Justin Clemons, of the Quaff Bar and Grill.At a time when staffing is short, workers now will have one fewer task to worry about.

Business owners decide whether to have own mask mandates after KCMO's expires

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City's mask mandate for indoor public places expired Thursday. A mask mandate is still in effect, however, for anyone inside school buildings and school buses in KCMO. Now, private business owners in KCMO can choose if they want to require masks or not.

Developing . . .