Kansas City Tequila Coming Soon

Given that the pandemic has turned so many Kansas City denizens into drunks, we take a peek at another opportunity for locals to pick their poison.

Check-it . . .

"Say hello to Una Familia Tequila. Distilled in Jalisco, the tequila is imported to Kansas City through Una Familia Spirits, LLC, a branch of Miller Marketing and Distribution (MMD), who have a long history of bringing Mexican products to the area. Tony Marin, chief marketing officer of MMD, says that they've had their eye on bringing a tequila to Kansas City, but the logistics of it took some time to figure out."

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Una Familia Tequila, a Mexican tequila designed for Kansas City palates, is now available

Tequila, by definition, can only come from one specific part of the world: Jalisco, a state on the west coast of Mexico. However, one Kansas-based company is still doing its best to create Kansas City's own tequila variety. Say hello to Una Familia Tequila.