Kansas City Streetcar Forced To Fake Equity Scheme

A few lucky firms might soon benefit by designing yet another Kansas City rail line to nowhere . . . For the sake of equity.

Somewhere in that lead sentence is a groundbreaking Tyler Perry movie that most of the American population will politely ignore. 

Nevertheless . . .

Everyone in Midtown Kansas City understands the streetcar serves only as a taxpayer subsidized gentrification scheme in order to boost property values and funnel cash to lawyers and the developer caste. 

However . . .

A cultural shift has given credence to nationwide complaints over systemic racism. 

AND SOooooooo . . . 

One very smart and capable black dude working as a consultant on this project doesn't forgive the lily white streetcar team that has pushed rigged elections in order to craft a hipster utopia that will displace low-income residents from a variety of demographics in favor of vegan coffee shops and luxury apartments.

What's the answer to this light rail dilemma???

Another payoff of course.

The plan to turn the streetcar east is fanciful and completely unlikely. Streetcar proponents know as much.

BUT the cash to study and develop, promote and talk about the VAPORWARE is absolutely real.

And so . . . 

Streetcar expansion happy talk serves as the perfect Saturday news distraction for a mode of transit that was derailed by the pandemic and might not ever live up to expectations.

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Commuters, businesses react to KC Streetcar route expansion from east to west

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is teaming up with area organizations and regions for a comprehensive study to connect Kansas City's east and west neighborhoods . They are seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide that road map.