Mixing politics with biz is always a bad idea.

However, the adventures of the local "Silicon Prairie" set have never really lived up to expectations; so there's not much to lose.

And so . . .

This socially responsible investing effort hopes to debunk an Internet truism: 

"Get Woke, Go Broke." 

Here's the money line from one of the leaders of this initiative . . .

“I got very excited about social venturing — this idea of being able to harness the best of entrepreneurship with the best of philanthropy; being able to, as a community, create opportunities to solve social, environmental, racial, and economic issues — and to do that sustainably,” said Mathews, founder and executive director of Reconciliation Services, as well as steering committee co-chair for the new Social Venture Studio, powered by LaunchKC.

“It’s about creating an economic engine that also creates social good, where we can deliver return on investment while also delivering social return on investment,” he continued. “And Kansas City, I believe, is at the forefront of this movement.”

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LaunchKC's latest: a Social Venture Studio to tackle social, racial, environmental issues

A new Kansas City-based social venture studio is expected to help social entrepreneurs avoid grant starvation - and depending too heavily on financial gifts - in lieu of models that focus on innovative steps toward sustainability, said Father Justin Mathews.