Kansas City Star Sunday Review: Activist Edition

The Sunday paper is the last remaining printed weekly that matters.

Sunday is the only day of the week where people have time to read something other then their phone and locals might actually pick up a newspaper if their favorite convenience store carries one. 

The Sunday issue has always been "the money maker" for the local print industry but recently we've noticed Kansas City residents complaining about an exceptionally thin issue from the local paper that too often focuses on esoteric issues. 

Accordingly . . .  

We take a look at the Sunday paper freshly shipped in from Iowa and notice their feature offerings seem to be targeted mostly at social justice warriors, activists and members of the Rachel Maddow hair club for men. 

Check the TKC review . . .

Oddly, most of today's issue is dedicated to the fight against "conversion therapy" and LGBT community activism against it. 

We agree that the practice is pseudoscience but it's also rare and mostly the topic of misguided Bible belt camps that might also, ironically, serve as a great place for young gay people to score a date. 

This classic cartoon "straight camp scene" is funnier, more provocative and insightful than anything the newspaper shared today . . .

But it gets worse, check the newspaper attempting to hijack today's football game with played out pandemic politics . . .

COVID isn't the sickness keeping Aaron Rodgers off the field with the Chiefs Sunday

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Aaron Rodgers continues to blame everyone but himself for keeping him from being able to play against the Chiefs on Sunday. Green Bay's star quarterback has blamed the media for failing to see that he was intentionally misleading the public when he said he was "immunized" against COVID-19.

A missive on CRT is somewhat clever if only because the headline claims it's "phony" but mostly because our progressive friends deny the definition and/or a curriculum predicated on teaching racial avarice.

Banning phony 'critical race theory' in KC-area schools puts real history at risk

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Editorials and other Opinion content offer perspectives on issues important to our community and are independent from the work of our newsroom reporters.

A letter to the editor is decent but the issue has already been decided. What's more important is that this distracting complaint discounts otherwise legit objections to the vaxx mandate that was blocked by a federal court.

A Nazi yellow star as political prop in Kansas today isn't just dumb. It's immoral

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Recently, a Kansas legislator compared state masking and vaccine requirements to Nazi treatment of Jews in the Holocaust, and a prominent state International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers official said forcing non-vaccinated people to wear masks would be tantamount to compelling the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany.

And so, we hope this post saved readers almost five bucks and possibly spared a few trees in the future. 

Because only blogging can save the planet . . . Or at least that's our line if/when AOC inevitably attempts to shut down the Internets. 

Developing . . .