Kansas City Star 'Exposes' Missouri AG With Scary Music!!!

For the midday we take a peek at Kansas City dead-tree news and soundtrack decisions which have raised the eyebrows of journalism purists.

Credit and hat tip to Missouri news dude John Combest who posted this note . . .

KC Star: Video: We expose Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s changing comments over the years: video with grainy filter added, “Half Mystery” music arrangement by Kevin MacLeod

Now . . .

Whilst we support artistic license for storytellers in all media . . . The filter and haunting tunes are a bit much and betray any semblance of objectivity.

Real talk: Their content is starting to look like a cheap campaign advert.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link to Flipboard in order to skip the paywall . . .

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt's changing comments over the years - Flipboard

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