Kansas City Repaint Final Coat: Plaza Parkway Building

After discord on the Plaza, we share an overhead glimpse at locals working to help beautify the area.

Here are some deets on the project . . .

After completing phase one, David and Vince agreed to a second phase that would cover the entire South wall of the building. SprayKC secured an incredibly talented lineup of artists from around the country who started arriving on site to paint their portions of the wall in mid September. The conclusion of the mural project fittingly ended the weekend of the Plaza Art Fair. With an estimated quarter million people who come the art fair each year, thousands of spectators were able to stop by and witness the artists paint in action, which added a unique and interactive element to the weekend’s festivities.

Aside from using the building to promote the important message of family and cultural unity, the completion of phase 2 signifies several important accomplishments to note. Many speculate the Plaza Parkway Building is now the largest contiguous public art display in Kansas City and a newly established landmark in Kansas City.

Take a peek via www.TonysKansasCity.com news embed . . .