Election Consequences: Kansas City Public Schools Disenfranchise Latinos

Once again Black people & Latinos in Kansas City seem to be in a desperate fight over crumbs.

What's important about this story is the background election deets . . .

Political denizens and close readers shouldn't forget that a new political faction recently claimed an impressive foothold on the KCPS board.

They call themselves "Blaque" and they're strong supporters of charter schools . . . And possibly dismantling the district altogether. 

Sadly, one way of doing this is by cutting down the single-largest and fastest growing ethnic minority in Kansas City . . . 

At least that's what this social media missive from School Board Manny Abarca suggests . . .

#KansasCity sadly, the @KCElectionBd did a number on @kcpublicschools sub-district 3. Splitting the #HistoricWestisde in half, splitting the Latino community from the Northeast and adding all of downtown, crossroads down to midtown. 

I have tried to push only for engagement in this process because of the clear self interest involved, but I was compelled to speak out at the clear dismantling of a strong Latino base, weakening potential for true representation of this community. 

The growth south of Indy Ave was also kept divided instead of uniting large pockets of Latinos. This is a sad disappointment. I welcome the challenge of representing these new areas but the shared interests are very different based upon these communities. Special interest won and sadly the interests of the Latino community were silenced.

We have the opportunity to make sure this doesn’t happen in the city, county and state redistricting processes, #KansasCity we must lean in and fight for better representation for the Latino, and other diverse voices. 

Not to mention, we need to protect @kcpublicschools as this move also put all current incumbents, accept one, against each other in an effort to wipe the board clean of current members, and leaves one entire district without a rep. 

This should put all #publicschool advocates on notice that there is a strategy here. 

Check it all here:

Kansas City Public School Redistricting

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